( Water )



Water can be used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Water can be used to make plants grow.

Water (Hydrogen and Oxygen) can be used for fuel and energy. Notice how water CURRENT, and electric CURRENT, the same word- it’s all energy!

The pH level of water can be changed to have different effects.

Water can be imprinted with and resonate frequency. Go to SPIRITECHS.COM for a free frequency list, AND STAY UPDATED ON PhiAqua water frequency IMPRINTING device coming soon: phiaqua.com

Water acts as a solvent, a solute, AND a reactant, and that is VERY important. Water is actually considered by many to be the universal solvent for life and is referred to by Nobel Laureate A. Szent-Gyorgy as "the matrix of life".

In nature water movement is an indicator of energy and purity. Water that is moving is generally better than the stagnant water found in reservoirs or from public water sources. Turbulent water contains considerable amounts of oxygen and minerals and it is highly energized.

Water is exposed to, cleansed and energized by the multiple actions of friction, sun and moonlight, electromagnetism, scalar energies and motion (in the form of spinning or vortexing). This is how Nature Structures Water... “Water serves in part in the same way as does your computer thumb drive by recording everything that it (the water) comes into contact with, and then broadcasting that recorded information back into the environment….Remember, the water is LISTENING! And RECORDING!” -Jim Dooly

Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany discovered that the structured water surrounding the DNA molecule actually influences the very structure of the genetic code of life itself. (Exclusion-Zone Water PDF- Dr Gerald Pollack interview by Dr Mercola) One of the most unique and newly discovered qualities of healthy water is the presence of bio-photonic energy (or light energy), which is most easily described as the energy of life itself.

"Structured Water" is another term for water in its natural state that has not been subjected to the damaging effects of the modern phenomena of pipes, man-made electromagnetic frequencies and toxic chemicals

Common sense is that clean, natural spring and rainwater are the best waters of all. Farmers know that rainwater is better for their crops and livestock than irrigation water. Rainwater falling from the sky is refreshed, energized and transformed by the rays of the sun, the swirling motion of the wind, the electrical charge of lightning, and by the natural design of the atmosphere itself. All of these factors work together in perfect harmony to realign the molecular configuration of water, making it more efficient and productive for plants, animals and people.  

The quality of the water we consume (drink, cook with, clean our house/clothes with, bathe in)  directly effects our quality of health of our body and mind.

For the best quality water, it must be

distilled then re-mineralized with ionic minerals,


reverse osmosised,

and THEN

STRUCTURed with our crystal blue or Fractal Water units.