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RichardJohn HethermanIII

HethermanHealth is a database of healthy things I do everyday. My two younger brothers may or may not do all the healthy things I do...

Since I was young, my mom called me the "observer". For example, at a party, even as a child, I would sit back and watch everything that was happening before interacting. One thing I noticed is how, at the end of the day, most elders' advice includes taking care of your self, so when I get as old as them, I can actually enjoy the fruits of my life long labors. Learn from others mistakes, it saves time. Skip to college, I start to observe the connection between all the things I am learning, and it all culminates with what the elders have always said, and taking care of myself became top priority. The internet is an amazing resource, but so is a fact checker, so I found a blueprint to use as my fact checker. I used my body as the blueprint, taking all the "out there" info and trying it out "in here" on myself. So, after a lot of learning from others and my own mistakes, I found the link between what "health" is and what "wealth" is. Simple adjustments make ALL the difference. For example, use grass fed ghee instead of margarine; and distilled, structured, water instead of tap water; use hempcrete instead of concrete, and build 5 sided buildings instead of 4. These small things all multiply exponentially over time, and allow one to become the elder that can say "take care of yourself", and can also give the instructions to achieve that (Not just "YOU DON'T WANT A SHIT BAG LIKE ME!"). So, this website started in early 2017. I have been gathering and refining the topics that now cover its pages for years before that, and will continue to do so as I progress. I hope you, as I have, discover something here truly amazing for your body, mind, and soul! 

In short, it's all about energy, and these are the methods I Personally practice everyday to grow more energy.



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